When My Crohns Went Wrong

When My Crohns Went Wrong. This happened to me and fortunately, I’m still here to tell the tale today.Yes this happened to me but doesn’t necessarily mean it would happen to you just purely because you have Crohns Disease. I’m writing this as a mini-series due to it triggering my PTSD. My Crohns Went Wrong

When My Crohns Went Wrong

So the title states the obvious when we have a chronic illness there’s stuff that’s quite simply not mentioned. What happens when there are complications? What happens when you have no decision over what a surgical team decide for you? Or just the fact your body decides to stick up the proverbial middle finger??

The day after my C-section

The day after my C-Section. Trouble is brewing But I have no clue

Well here’s a story about a newly 24-year-old mother with a 3-day old daughter stuck on a maternity ward after a rather traumatic C-section.


I had a C-section on the 09/09/2009 which started at 4 am, Due to the incredible amount of scar tissue I had my cervix did not dilate and this was an emergency due to the baby being distressed. Maisie was finally born at 8:09 am after an epidural top up and them having to bring in a colorectal surgeon to get her out. They had to turn the C-section into a general surgery room and knock me out as there was a bleed they couldn’t find or stop, So I quickly greet my baby and then get anaesthetized. I finally wake up on the Maternity ward at 3 pm that day and get to enjoy being a new mum.

Hospital Photo

One Of the Many photos of myself and my daughter being in hospital for 3 months

I spent 2 days being nil by mouth with no explanation and finally got lifted out of bed on Friday and was allowed to have a clear broth. By the Friday night, I was having hot and cold sweats, by the early hours of Saturday morning I was struggling to breathe.

I got rushed down for a CT scan at 6 in the morning and Maisie went home with her Daddy. Well, the next few hours was pretty much a blur, they rushed me up to ITU unit and were constantly paging my consultant. They told me my blood tests and CT scan had indicated I had a perforated bowel and septicemia. By the early afternoon, my body had begun to shut down. Septicemia works in mysterious ways, my breathing is always the first indicator. The nurses had to sedate me and intubate me as the machine needed to breathe for me. My brain by then was in flight or fight mode. I fought the sedation twice and kept pulling out the intubation tube. The final decision was to sedate me again and rush me to a theatre without my Gastro consultant. I was put to sleep and wasn’t any the wiser.

3 weeks Later

They decided that a medically induced coma was the best option for me. I was taken down to theatre 7 times in this period as the infection kept spreading. I had septicemia, Fecal Perontinitus, Pneumonia which was intubation-induced, I had a Hickman line for TPN, Ionotropic support as my heart kept flat-lining and this controlled my heart which kept my blood pressure on an even keel. My bowel and Fistula had perforated during the C-section. I came around slowly over a course of 2 days and nearly pulled my intubation tube out again, I do chuckle remembering the nurses running toward me to stop.  So I wake up and discover I have an Ileostomy and a massive open wound and my insides are being held in by a Biological mesh and packing with a big sheet of tecaderm. The next 3 days on ITU are not fun as I refuse to sleep and do a 72-hour stint of staying awake. Turns out after my PTSD diagnosis this occasionally happens once your lucid after an extended amount of time on life support.

You may have noticed there’s a lot of links within the post. The reason for this being I can’t sit here and write the explanations in medical terms as it upsets me to re-live the what I quote as a rather oh shit I could have died and did several times moment. It’s Part of the reason why my humour and the way I write is the way it is, It is my coping mechanism that developed after counselling as I couldn’t cry anymore.


That’s the story to be continued for the moment and will update with my fun and games on the HDU unit and the general ward for the next two and a half months.

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  1. Ooh Sweetheart I hear you! Day six on the ward i have been up for three days with sedation! All i want is an hour of oblivious sleep!!
    Much love

    • I’m So sorry you haven’t had any sleep. Fingers crossed you get the oblivious Hour. Hoping Your hospital stay comes to an end sooner rather than later. Much Love sent for a speedy recovery. Many thanks for taking the time to read my story. Will put part two up later next month.
      Louise xx

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