This Crohnies Top 4 to Read List

So, a little about me. I’m writing about “This Crohnies Top 4” to read list. The reasoning behind this I write about “my Crohns & ostomy life” but haven’t really given you an insight to me.

I’m an avid book worm and always have been; numerous hospital stays and recovering means I have a lot of books, my bookshelf is over flowing. Not to mention friends and family supplying my bookwork addiction as well.

This Crohnies Top 4 to read list

So as said above I’m a geek and love to read. I’m not into chick flicks and have a serious obsession with Kimberly Chambers, Martina Cole and Nick Spalding (I want to meet this man and ask him where he gets the material from). I also love a good Philippa Gregory book as my passion through education was always history.

Here’s what I have read over the last 3 months

I like a good trilogy book set as I feel it sort of wraps up the story and you’re not left wondering what if? I rarely watch television and I like to use my mind’s eye to invent a look and idea for the people in the books.

  1. This one is a 4-part set and the author is relatively unknown. Sentence of Marriage. Mud and Gold. Settling The Account & A Second Chance. Written by Shayne Parkinson. Imagine old New Zealand back 1881, you get introduced to a 12 year old Amy who is a farm girl and lives with her father and brothers. Her grandmother recently died and she is the lady of the house. This leads to her father re-marrying and Amy having a rather torrid relationship with her step-mother, because let’s face it her step-mother is a horrible cow. These books follow Amy on her journey through life not treating her fairly and her making the best of what she has been given or had to sacrifice. I admit I get lost in these books and they have made me cry at the unfairness of what she had to go through. I’m pleased to say the final book finally does Amy some justice and she is given a happier life in her older years. So, if you like an older historic read this is the book set for you.
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  2. So, Nick Spalding. This is not recommended if you’re still recovering from surgery because the books are so funny, they have made me cry laughing. Love From Both Sides. Love & Sleepless Nights. Love Under Different Sky’s. So, the first one in this series starts off with Jamie and Laura, both of them are navigating through single life and dating disasters to finally meet each other by her running him over with a moped. Join this totally hapless pair on dating disasters and the legendary “Fajita incident”.This series really invokes your sense of humour and you can relate so much to them and the mishaps and disasters along the way. This is an amusing read and will keep you gripped throughout as long as you save your place through the laughter and the tears.
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  3. The Other Boleyn Girl, author Philippa Gregory. Who doesn’t like a historical read that’s based on both fact and fiction. I have to admit I fell in love with Mary. The fact that when you’re in the upper classes of Tudor court and that being female means you do as your family tell you and you get sold off to the highest bidder is something that’s no longer acceptable in today’s society. This book taught me to dislike Anne Boleyn with a passion. I felt sorry for her at the end, her death and downfall was all put into play purely because Henry wanted another wife. This is a very good read and keeps you gripped until the end.
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  4. Three Sisters, Three Queens’ author Philippa Gregory. Another historical read, fact mixed with fiction yet again. I have to admit this book kept me up until the early hours as couldn’t put it down. Meet Princess Margaret, King Henry’s older sister and follow her on her journey of Scotland Vs England and her emotional struggles when Queen Katherine of Aragon ordered the death of her husband King James when she was Queen Regent of England. Then Margaret’s struggles to remain dowager Queen of Scotland and secure her son’s place on the throne when they all liked to turn on the other. This paints the Scot’s as being total barbarians and in some cases, this may have been true at the time.
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So, this is my Top 4 to read list. I buy most of my books from Amazon and I have linked the books to the page so you can find them online. Please note the links in the list above are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase through that link, I will earn a small commission. This commission comes at no additional cost to you and the small value made just helps towards the hosting fees for this website.

Hoping you have enjoyed this list and find some amazing reading material.

If you would like to recommend any books for me or would like to give your own review. Please comment below and I can take a look and order what you suggest.

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