Periods,Contraception & IBD Guest Blog

Periods,Contraception & IBD Guest Blog.I have been asked by the lovely Natalie aka The Spoonie Mummy to write a guest blog to talk about the impact my periods have on me and daily life.

I will also be writing about contraception methods used over the years to try and help me with what I call PMT week once a month.

I was a late starter with developing and periods. I didn’t gain boobs or periods until after I turned 14. Now, this may have been a late start but until the age of 18/19, I never had an issue with them. They were fairly light but lasted the full 7 days and from the age of 15/16 I was on an oral contraceptive which was estrogen based and I never had a problem with that. Apart from forgetting to take the blasted thing It wasn’t an issue and because I was not sexually active until 17 the pill was just controlling my periods and not a lot else.

Periods,Contraception & IBD Guest Blog

Have your periods been more difficult since IBD diagnosis? Do you struggle with contraception methods? Please check out my guest blog over at The Spoonie Mummys website. Please also check out Natalie’s blog with regards to life, having 3 chronic illnesses and still being a fantastic mother to both her boys.


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