My Stoma Supply Storage and Ordering System

My Stoma Supply Storage and Ordering System.Having an ostomy for life means having monthly delivery’s for your stoma supplies. Now monthly storage for these Stoma supplies can get tedious and bulky. It all comes in big boxes and stacking them up can take up a lot of room. Then there is ordering every month so you don’t run out of the essentials. There is nothing worse than getting down to what you think is your final box to realise that its empty and that impending panic sets in.

My Stoma Supply Storage and Ordering System

So what does an ostomate use to store their supplies? Do you have yours stored in boxes and never to sure what you have left? Does your delivery company check what supplies you have before re-ordering? Here’s how I store and order mine.

My Storage System

My boyfriend and myself are slightly OCD about things and having what I could consider as mess and an eyesore makes me twitch. So, after being out of hospital nearly a month my bathroom stand was purchased so I could store my supplies box free. The unit was £25 from Argos and the plastic wicker baskets I purchased from B&Q were £7 each. Having this storage unit has helped me immensely and helps me keep track of what I am running low on. It is also in one place and means that I don’t get half way through a bag change and realise I am missing an essential item for the necessary change.

  1. Adhesive remover
  2. Dry wipes
  3. Wet wipes
  4. Disposable sacks
  5. Stoma Bags
  6. Filters and spare stoma measuring guide

On my bedside table I have my emergency stoma supply kit (wash bag) as most of my basics are in there for my nightly bag changes and I just take a few days of bag supplies from the unit and store them in my case.

Ordering system

The unit also helps me with ordering my supplies. The NHS prescription service is over stretched and I don’t like wasting products or having a hoard of supplies that will never be used. Bullen HealthCare are fantastic and ring me once a month on a specific date and ask me what I am running low on and what I need to re-order. The delivery is always within 7 days of receiving that phone call. Having this unit means I can clearly see and count what I have and only order the necessary essentials and not have any waste. The advisor will always ask how many of each item you have left and also check you have enough prior to the next delivery. I only ever keep a week’s supply of bags as extra just in case of an emergency, bad skin or a delayed or misplaced delivery.

How do you store yours? Please feel free to leave a comment

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