My Review Of The Trio Ostomy Pearls

My Review Of The Trio Ostomy Pearls. I have high liquid output due to how my ileostomy was created. I have been fed up with filter leaks due to the output and decided to try and give some of these a test run.

My Review Of The Trio Ostomy Pearls

If you are like me and have high watery output regardless of what you eat then these may help. I ordered samples from them back in August prior to going on holiday as someone suggested they would help with travelling. I drink a lot of fluids and have had to empty in July on a hard shoulder outside Birmingham as the bag was going to bust and it was a do it or ruin the car kind of moment. I managed to avoid splashing my white converse at the time and took pride in my emergency empty.

Now due to sleepless nights as up and emptying once or twice I am pretty open to try anything on offer and see if it works.

These little pearls impressed me that much it is now part of my monthly order from my delivery company.

What does Trio say about the pearls?

This is the description provided on the website:

  • Trio Pearls® can provide control by absorbing the fluid in loose stool, and gelling inside the pouch. The formed gel is thicker in consistency which helps to prevent leaks normally associated with liquid output; prevents the filter from clogging prolonging its efficiency; and avoids bulking by allowing the content to be flattened.

How long have I tested these for?

I have been road testing these pearls for the last month and I can honestly say for the best part that they have helped with my output dramatically. I have gone from emptying my bag 6-8 times a day and 2 times a night to emptying maybe 4 times daily and pretty much sleeping through until 5/6am before a morning empty. Don’t be alarmed if you see some black when they are mixing with the output. This is the ink on the outside of the pearl casing.

They also have a handy instruction manual provided with the pot that tells you how to use and store them.

The Pro’s

  • They do actually gel watery output
  • Lessened splash back and a cleaner toilet due to the consistency
  • Reduces smell. I road tested these with fish and garlic and for the best part the odour was less than normal
  • I can travel further as this gels the output to a more solid consistency
  • I have been sleeping straight through the night
  • Carrying pouch. They have a little zip lock pouch and you can fit 6-7 in and keep them in your bag

The Con’s

  • They really need to have an applicator (think Tampax applicator) to be able to put them into the bottom of the emptying spout. Once you have emptied the bottom does get messy and you have to jiggle about to stop them sticking to the bottom of the bag when putting in a new one as its a wet surface
  • The jar they come in is absolutely huge and storing them is slightly cumbersome


Overall I found these extremely useful and helpful. They have made life easier the last month or so and hoping they continue to do so.

Their customer service team always appreciate feedback and call you roughly 3-4 weeks after ordering samples to see how you found them.

You can order your free samples by clicking here. They also have ostomy life style booklets you may enjoy.


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