My Review Of The Pelican Vitamin E bag

My Review Of The Pelican Vitamin E Bag. So I have been road testing this bag out since the first week in November and all I can say Is WOW.  The only issue I was having with my current Pelican platinum stoma bag long term was contact dermatitis and thinning scaly skin due to frequent and regular bag changes (I usually change every other day). This was getting to the point of making me twitchy as was constantly experiencing the urge to scratch the dry skin underneath the baseplate

Disclaimer: Naked stoma pictures below

My Review Of The Pelican Vitamin E bag

I visited Pelican HQ in October and was asked If I would like to road test their improved version of the current stoma bag I was using. They explained to me about the Vitamin E and how it helps to improve the quality of the skin around the stoma site and even possibly clear up my contact dermatitis. I jumped at the chance and received my first box of ten in the post prior to the 4th of November.

Day Zero

This is what the website has to say about the new Vitamin E stoma bag:

We have made an exciting change to our range of Platinum pouches that not only looks after your general stoma care, but also the healthy skin surrounding it. The hydrocolloid on our new Platinum with Vitamin E range of pouches contains this one new ingredient which gives you four areas of enhanced performance resulting in real benefits that last. Check out our case studies below.

Our new range is available in closed, drainable, urostomy, and high output. The entire range is also available in convex for those who need a deeper base plate

So I have been testing this bag out for nearly 2 months and the improvement to my stoma site has been unbelievable.

Key benefits of this stoma bag:

  • Faster healing
  • Moisterising
  • Kinder to skin
  • Anti Inflammatory

What the studies from others trailing this bag have said:

  • 95% Comfort
  • 93% Flexibility
  • 85% Skin Friendliness
  • 78% Security
  • 78% Wear time
  • 54% Reduced sore skin

Information about the bag I have been using

The stoma bag has an advanced integrated hydrocolloid in the vita-derm foamed backing along with the new added benefits of Vitamin E. So what is Vitamin E?

  • Vitamin E helps maintain healthy skin and eyes, and strengthen the body’s natural defence against illness and infection (the immune system).
  • Vitamin E has emerged as a go to treatment for a number of skin disorders owing to its antioxidant properties, which helps to leave your skin moisturised, protected and nourished

Pros of this bag

  • I’m not allergic to the backing or adhesive
  • The maxi bag handles my high output
  • The foam backing means it sticks and adheres to the skin quicker
  • The bag is extremely soft along with the backing and I forget I’ve even got it on most of the time
  • The velcro empty system is quick and easy
  • The Vitamin E really has cleared my skin and I now have a healthy stoma site

Cons of this bag

  • The only bug bear is the outlet at the bottom for emptying. I find it flimsy.
  • However Pelican have also made another outlet which is sturdier and I love it. I have been testing that out and emptying is more manageable and not a straight release when the velcro has been released and the spout unrolled.

The improvement in my stoma site just 3 days in was absolutely amazing as you can see from the photos.

Day 3

It has improved my bag wear so I’m now going 3 days between changes and not getting the itching that I normally associate with needing to change the appliance.

Day 45


I can honestly say that with personal experience and trying this bag for over 2 months that it has improved my skin 95% apart from the odd maceration from a wrong sized cut by me. The improvements made to the Pelican contour bag means I still have my comfy slippers of stoma bag with the added benefits of my contact dermatitis disappearing thanks to the vitamin E and no more itching dry skin around the stoma site.Thanks to the soft base plate and the way the petals mould to the body It always feels like the bag isn’t there which is brilliant.

Ultimately as of the 1st of January Im having this bag added to my prescription list as the thought of going back to itchy skin and having the redness around the site no longer appeals to me since the improvement of the skin around the site has improved dramatically.

For those of you wishing to request samples and road test this bag you can phone Pelican on 0800 318 282 | Alternatively follow this link and you can request samples online. They will need your current serial number from the bag you are currently using to issue the correct baseplate for your stoma.

Many thanks for reading and please feel free to comment.

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  1. Great review! I don’t think I’ll be brave enough to give these a try as my skin doesn’t seem to like Vitamin E, as I’ve discovered from a few different face and body moisturisers! Really good to hear it’s improved the soreness of your skin! 🙂

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