My Review Of The Pelican Platinum Convex Stoma Bag

My Review Of The Pelican Platinum Convex Stoma Bag.  I will be writing below as to how I started using this bag.  As a blogger, I can’t just write about what always goes wrong or my Crohns disease. I also think its good to review the bags I have used or tried as it may help a fellow ostomate in their search for the perfect stoma bag.

 My Review Of The Pelican Platinum Convex Stoma Bag

When I had my Surgery in November of 2016 and had Bertha formed, I was prescribed the Hollister Convex drainable bag. I found out within the first 3 weeks of surgery I am allergic to this bag due to the backing. I’m a sensitive soul or as my stoma nurse, Cathy would say allergic to bloody everything. During this time I was experiencing leaks due to bag not sticking onto my inflamed blistered skin. On Christmas Eve I had an appointment with Cathy.I was at my wit’s end.

Sore Stoma

My Sore stoma from surgery in 2016, This was due to leaks and being allergic to the adhesive on the Hollister bag

My sanity was in shreds and my morale was extremely low as I had leaked 8 times the day before and my skin resembled a burnt mess.

She spent half an hour running around Pembury hospital seeking out a bag that will stick and provide my skin with some much-needed relief.

Bag of The Gods

She issued me with 4 boxes of this brand of stoma bag. She also gave me the thin support belt that is used to hold the convex base plate closer to the skin.

My base plate size is 12mm – 40mm. I could risk going for the smaller flange size which is the 12mm – 25mm but my stoma measures between 22-24mm and I don’t want to risk leaks as the flange could become less stable.

Nightly change routine

This is my stoma bag. support belt and change routine

Due to the bag having an advanced integrated hydrocolloid in the vita-derm foamed backing, my skin and stoma site cleared up within 4 days and I was back to being a happy ostomy bearer within the week.


Pros of this bag

  • I’m not allergic to the backing or adhesive
  • It’s a mini bag and very discreet under clothing
  • The foam backing means it sticks and adheres to the skin quicker
  • The bag is extremely soft along with the backing and I forget I’ve even got it on most of the time
  • The velcro empty system is quick and easy
    The bag is very comfortable and discreet under clothing

    The bag is very comfortable and discreet under clothing

Cons of this bag

  • If you have high output the size of the bag is more of a hindrance than a blessing. They do, however, have bigger versions of this bag which I ordered Saturday night
  • The discreet fold up flap that folds into the bag doesn’t fit. You have to rip the cover off slightly at the bottom so the fold up flap fits in
  • The filter leaks if the bag is more than half full and stains your support wear
  • Output gets caught in the bottom of the drainage outlet and it gets quite messy when you have to clean it out
You have to rip the cover

You have to rip the cover slightly to get the bottom to fold up and fit securely

This is all just based on my personal opinion. The bag as a whole is brilliant and I get on extremely well with it. I’ve had the odd leak but with the support belt and the way the bag is the flange takes quite a beating but still stays put and the leak is minimised. I’ve had 2 of them pop on me during “adult shenanigans” but that may have been my fault. My overall opinion is this bag has stopped the majority of my leakage problems and it’s like a comfort blanket for me to change bag then it would have to measure up to this one.

If you wish to try different bags and have one in mind then head over to the suppliers of the bag and they will send you out samples if requested. They normally send you 3-4 bags so you can try them out and get a feel for them. I myself have ordered samples that have the same backing as this one from Salts and Coloplast.

Hoping you enjoyed my review of this bag.

Any questions or your opinion if you have tried this or it’s your comfort blanket then please pop them in the box below.


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