My Review of My Trusted Vanilla Blush Knickers

My Review of My trusted Vanilla Blush Knickers. Back in 2009, I had my tempory ileostomy formed. I had absolutely no idea about support wear and made do with Primark and Marks & Spencers support shorts for 3 years. I didn’t know where to turn then and lived in leggings.

Roll on 2016 and I was told I was going to have a permanent ileostomy. This time I did my research. I wasn’t spending the rest of my life sacrificing my fashion sense because I have a bag.

My Review of My trusted Vanilla Blush Knickers

I didn’t purchase my first pair, my boyfriend Ben brought them for me as a Christmas present. By then the swelling had gone down and I couldn’t bear to wear my support belt anymore. It was itchy, tight and made me extremely uncomfortable and made me feel like I had a muffin top between the top of the belt and my bra.

Vanilla Blush knickers embracing the loose women body image

Vanilla Blush knickers embracing the loose women body image

I put these knickers on boxing day and it was like a light switch being switched on. My bag was concealed and due to my long torso, they sit where it is comfortable and I didn’t feel restricted at all. I have some just under the boobs Primark shorts and have had to take these off on several occasions as felt like I couldn’t breathe, especially after a good feed up.

I’ve embraced the Vanilla Blush bug and now have quite a few pairs. Well, 10 pairs to be exact. I always buy them when they have their weekly or daily deals and it’s normally £18 for 3 pairs. Not a lot really considering how much we spend on lingerie sets in general. The mix and match are fantastic and matches my bras that I get from Ann summers.

Pros of the knickers

  • Comfortable, they are comfortable and stretch with the bag filling
  • They are pretty
  • They are sexy, well my boyfriend appreciates them
  • I’ve never had a leak with these, but I believe that’s because I have the right bag combination
  • They have the inner pocket that keeps your bag away from your tummy and stops the sweaty bag
  • They pull me in where needed
  • They are supportive

Cons of the knickers

  • Pulling them up and down to empty can be a faff
  • Not good in the recent heat wave went back to wearing normal knickers due to sweating
  • The inner pouch can roll down
My orders arriving next day. Fantastic value at £18 for 3 pairs

My orders arriving next day. Fantastic value at £18 for 3 pairs

The Vanilla Blush customer service team are absolutely fantastic. You ring them up to place the order and they are normally delivered the next day.  They are extremely polite and helpful and will make recommendations if they’ve run out of the special deal stock. I’m a size 12 and they go quite quickly.

I always phone them as find the website slightly difficult to navigate and purchase from.

Vanilla blush doesn’t just sell knickers, they also sell swimwear, Support vests for hernia support ( I have 2 of these). They also sell men’s underwear.

You can find their daily deals on Instagram and they are occasionally shared on Facebook by other advocates.

You also have Jasmine Stacey who makes lingerie for fellow ostomates, I’m absolutely loving her collections but will be saving that for wedding dress and wedding day as her stuff is well wow. I sit here and daydream about her collections but my bank balance says no to me rather firmly. Natalie aka The Spoonie mummy has been posting about this inspiring lady and Stephie aka Colitistoostomy has also interviewed her.

You also have Comfizz who do day to day support knickers and vests.

I've not had to compromise my sense of fashion

I’ve not had to compromise my sense of fashion

So overall summary is that these knickers have allowed me to embrace my stoma, live life and I haven’t had to compromise my fashion sense or forgo jeans or tight clothing.

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  1. Hi I liked your comments on blush knickers. Where can I get some from. Thankyou.

    • Hi Catherine

      Sorry for the lack of reply. You can purchase them directly from Vanilla Blush online or over the telephone. They also have an Instagram page also under vanilla blush where they advertise flash deals and sales where you can get them at 3 for £18

      Hoping this helps
      Many Thanks
      Louise xx

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