My Review Of Comfizz Support Wear

My Review Of Comfizz Support Wear. We recently had the owners of Comfizz join us on The IBD & ostomy support show to discuss hernia support wear and hernia prevention. Are you wearing support wear? Have you suffered from hernias?

My Review Of Comfizz Support Wear

Over the last 8 years I have had four hernias and 4 hernia repairs. To be perfectly frank hernias have been the bane of my life. Due to the amount of surgery I have endured I’m pre-disposed to them and am now trying my hardest to make sure I do not get another one. Getting a hernia is very uncomfortable and for any of you reading this that tell tale rip followed by pain is normally my sign that it’s popped back through.

My herniated tummy prior to surgery in 2016

Some stoma nurses do not advise about correct support wear and sometimes only give you the support once you have had the horrid hernia pop through and makes itself at home.

Due to suffering hernias I am better informed as to what support I should be using as a preventative measure. This does not guarantee that you wont get a hernia as there are other factors in play but it is better to try and prevent than use nothing.

My Review

Me in the belt and briefs

I have been testing out the Comfizz support wear for the last month. I have briefs and boxers in a stage 2 and 2 support belts in a stage 1. I wear the belt and briefs during the day. I also wear just the belt of a night time. I also went on holiday with the belt and it was a life saver and helped my bag adhere to my skin and stop the leaks due to an unfortunate incident with some sun cream residue.


  • They are supportive without being restrictive
  • Soft to touch
  • They do not roll down. Thanks to the silicone beads on the inside of the bands
  • They are high legged so I didn’t need to drop my pants to empty. I managed to empty from the bottom of the knickers ( I wear a maxi bag)
  • They do not make me sweat
  • They hold every thing in. Until I had a full bag I completely forgot about my ostomy
  • Overall I feel my stoma is supported along with the rest of my tummy


  • The shorts and the briefs don’t have the pouch to pull the bag through. However they do have shorts that has the pull through on. It was my mistake when ordering

Overall these bands, shorts and briefs are lovely and comfortable. The staff at Comfizz are extremely helpful and nothing is too much. I can’t wait to have a few more pieces in my collection. They are good to use for exercise as well as daily support. Half the time I forget they are even on.

I can’t recommend them enough.

From the 21st of September – 30th of September Comfizz are offering as a one time purchase 20% off for orders made via their website. I have provided the discount code below along with the link to their website.

The voucher code is FYI20%

Comfizz website: Please click on the highlighted bit here


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