#Bagroulette Sensura Mio Stoma Bag Review

#Bagroulette Sensura Mio Stoma Bag Review. So we are now on week 3 of #Bagroulette and I have been using the Sensura Mio stoma bag samples which I received in the post from Stephie. This week I lasted longer than the previous week with the salts bags. Managed Thursday through til Monday morning, then high output ruined a perfect few days.

#Bagroulette Sensura Mio Stoma Bag Review

The product description on the Coloplast site states:

Product description

SenSura® Mio Convex has a curved shape that fits securely to uneven skin areas, deep-seated areas and stomas that need support or help to protrude. Combined with the elastic adhesive, it provides a more secure fit* to the individual body shape. It stays discreet due to the filter and bag design.

Key benefits:

  • Adaptive convex with integrated flexlines for a unique combination of stability and flexibility
  • Elastic adhesive for a secure fit to individual body shapes
  • Neutral grey textile for optimal discretion and an honest lookFull-circle filter for proven reduction of ballooning

Now I have to admit I like this bag a lot. It is less utilitarian and more like a sleek version of the current pelican convex I am using. It is tiny and hides extremely well under clothing.

The bag fold up even smaller

The bag fold up even smaller

Pros for this bag

  • It’s small and can fold smaller as it has a smaller velcro holder in the transparent window.
  • It sticks down instantly
  • Easy to cut
  • The base plate is pretty small and discreet and its clear
  • It doesn’t stab me or my partner in the leg during “adult shenanigans” it also doesn’t leave him with bag rash
  • The tab at the top of the base plate aids in a quick and easy removal for bag changes
  • It is waterproof, In the aid of science I had a bath Friday evening and the adhesive stood the test of time and the bag lasted until sunday afternoon when I had to do a emergency bag change at Sissinghurst castle due to itching
  • The bottom emptying system is really sturdy and its so easy to empty and clean. The little flap is also easy to tuck away into the bottom of the cover

Cons for this bag

  • Its to small to deal with my high output
  • The double filter drove me slightly cranky just because I could feel it under my clothing , this may just be personal preference

Coloplast do larger versions of this bag and I will be requesting a box of these from my delivery company on this months delivery.


I leaked due to over sleeping and the bag being too small for my output

I leaked due to over sleeping and the bag being too small for my output


Ok so this stoma sample test only ended due to incurring a leak of massive proportions in the early hours of Monday morning. 5am clean up and changing the bed, cleaning myself and the Jackson pollock painted the bathroom floor resulted in a lot of washing machine activity but I handled it like a boss and with the aid of Ben my boyfriend sorting out the bed whilst I cleaned myself up. I was back in bed by 5:30am with my old comfort blanket back on.

Don’t be alarmed with really pink skin under the base plate. There’s something in the base plate that does this. It’s perfectly normal and the coloplast team should you wish to order samples will tell you this on the phone.

I found this bag really comfortable to wear and get on with. It feels nice and you forget you even have it attached to your tummy on a permanent basis. I can say I prefer it to the Pelican due to the way it looks and feels but I’m reluctant to change from what I know . I will be having a box of these a month added to my stoma delivery’s and will possibly over the next few months completely change my brand of bag as long as they are the larger size to what I have tested this week.

So please tune in and follow The IBD & Ostomy Support show on Facebook as we have all the reviews of these bags from the ladies on the show as well as other reviews from the viewers.

Please feel free to comment as ask questions.

  1. I use these and have done since surgery 18 months ago, I love them.

    • Hi Matt,

      Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read my blog.I really like them too. I have ordered the larger Sensura Mio on this months delivery as they handle my high output better than the smaller one.

      Many Thanks

  2. Hi – I changed to the SenSura Mio about 18 months ago after using a the same bag for 32 years. I tried a few different types before settling on this. I find it so comfortable I forget it is there. The peach type fabric covering of the bag is great and there’s no “rustle”. I take a bath every day and find no problems with the bag getting wet – dries quickly – remains stuck! I use the Maxi size which seems to be just right. (this is smaller than my previous bag)
    By the way congratulations to you all doing this research – I’m not so brave at changing appliance types –

    • Hi Pamela,

      Thank you for taking the time to read the post. I’m glad to hear you found the right bag for you after having the same brand for 32 years. Yes the research and testing has been interesting to say the least. I am myself allergic to the backings on a few of the bags, so finding the one thats right for me has taken some testing. So between the Pelican and the Mio Im hoping I have the bags that are right for me.
      Hoping all is well with you

      Many Thanks

  3. I use the Mio 2-piece and my only complaint is that I HATE the filter- so I just cut it out! Works perfectly and extends wear time too. It’s the only bag that feels like nothing and also the only one that doesn’t cause me rashes.

    • I have to admit, Im not keen on the middle filter either. Not sure I would risk cutting it out myself. I think I saw your post the other week on a group about how to cut out the filter.
      This Bag and the Pelican are the only ones that don’t cause rashes for me also.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my review of the bag.

      Many Thanks

  4. I use the sensura mio in the largest size and it is the best nag I have ever used. I do try lots of different samples but after trying them this just reinforces my opinion.

  5. I myself ordered the largest Sensura bags available yesterday from my delivery company and will start using them next week. So glad that you have found the right bag for you.
    Thank you for taking the time to read the review

    Many thanks

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