#Bagroulette #Everythingstomas review of the salts stoma bag

So this month us ladies on The IBD & Ostomy support show are running #Bagroulette #Everythingstomas . I’m reviewing the salts stoma bag. Suffice to say #bagroulette ended within 36 hours for me and I’m still dealing with healing skin around the stoma site now.

Please be warned this post has a picture of a naked and slightly burnt stoma.

#Bagroulette #Everythingstomas review of the salts stoma bag

So this week we are on week two of testing out other stoma bag samples. This week I tried the Salts soft convex bag. Due to the base plate being made of a different material my skin broke down within 36 hours and nearly a week later this skin is still healing. I didn’t get the normal itching sensation associated with a leak. How ever trying this out in 30 plus degree heat may have helped with the skin breakdown due to sweating.

The base plate broke down and bubbled. This may have been due to me sweating

The base plate broke down and bubbled. This may have been due to me sweating

I don’t feel I can give this bag a fair review. But I will write an honest review based on the timeline that I tried the bag for.


This is the bag I tried and what the salts website have to say

Confidence® Natural Soft Convex

Our softest, stickiest and most flexible soft convex wafer. The unique, five-sided Flexifit® wafer fits more closely to the body’s natural contours, helping to reduce leaks. Stronger adhesive sticks fast and stays put for added security.

The bottom kept coming away from the velcro when the bag filled

The bottom kept coming away from the velcro when the bag filled

Pros for this bag

  • It’s lovely and soft to the touch. Found myself stroking it a lot…..
  • The base plate is tiny
  • It’s really easy to cut
  • It sticks down instantly. No sitting there for 5 minutes holding the bag down for a correct seal
  • The tuck in bottom is really easy to deal with
  • It’s easy and clean to empty thanks to the pull tab at the bottom
  • The bag is a large decent size. I slept straight through the night without an empty

Cons for this bag

  • The material frays and feels rather ropey after it’s been rubbing on your clothing
  • The bottom corners are rather sharp and found it stabbing my thigh and had to change to Pj bottoms so it didn’t keep catching my thigh
  • The fold up flap drops out when the bag starts to fill up


This is all I can write on this bag due to my skin breaking down and having maceration for the first time in months. I’m not sure if this was the base plate or just a combination of high heat and excessive sweating under the base.


All in all I really liked this bag. Due to the maceration I had to stop #Bagroulette for this week as any ostomate knows when their skin gets like this it’s better to go back to your safety zone and repair the damage instead of persevering with the bag.

Im trying the Sensura Mios next week and looking forward to this as have tried one before and I really liked it.

For all ostomates when and if your skin starts getting like this I would advise contacting your stoma nurse and having a review which I’m doing this morning as leaving it and hoping it will clear is sometimes like playing devils advocate and can cause more harm than good.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask






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