3 Ladies, 36 Stoma Bags Taking Part In Bag Roulette July

3 Ladies, 36 Stoma Bags Taking Part In Bag Roulette July. Just to forwarn you we are in no way medical experts. This is purely being done for ” shits & giggles” pun intended. This has been in the planning for a while but due to illness and Stephie being allergic to a few bags during pregnancy we had to wait for the baby button to enter the world.

The lovely Natalie

The lovely Natalie

For the whole of July on The IBD & Ostomy Support show, myself, Natalie & Stephie will be testing out each other’s bags for 3 weeks. We will be giving our honest opinions and reviews on these bags on the show and in writing on our respective blogs.


Rachel Aka Rocking2Stomas will be giving Urostomy advice and reviews for july

Rachel Aka Rocking2Stomas will be giving Urostomy advice and reviews for July

Rachel due to her prolapse will not be partaking. She will, however, be writing about her Urostomy squirt and advocating advice to fellow ostomates and reviewing her brand of urostomy bag and posting this to the show page and her own blog.

We will be using the #Bagroulette across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We will also be posting on how to order samples and try different bags. Just to forewarn you your delivery company and GP will only prescribe you convex if you’re using convex and flat if you’re using flat. To change this you need to see your stoma nurse and have a consultation should you wish to change the type of backing or are having skin allergies and leaks.

3 Ladies, 36 Stoma Bags Taking Part in Bag Roulette July

So each of us is sending 6 bags to each person via Royal Mail. So here’s hoping they arrive at their intended destination.

Week one

This week we are all trying my brand of bag. My brand of bag is the petal backed pelican platinum convex bag. I use both the large and small bags. Large mainly for night time due to high output and the small when I’m dressed all pretty for a night out

Crohnsfighting AKA Me

Crohnsfighting AKA Me



The lovely Stephie

The lovely Stephie

Week two

We are trying Stephie’s brand of  Stoma bag which is the Sensura Mio. She also uses the Dansac Nova life but due to being allergic to a few adhesives I’m not testing this one.

Week three

We are trying Natalie’s brand of stoma bag which is the Salts make.

Why we are doing this

For those of you reading this, you are probably thinking these women are mad. There is logic in the madness. You try out and borrow friends clothing and shoes. So why not try out stoma bags? We’ve seen it so many times across the groups with people experiencing leaks, allergies and pleading with others for recommendations for different bags to try. The only way to do this is to speak to your stoma nurse or trial and error by requesting samples from all the fantastic companies that make these bags.

By doing this we will hopefully make the viewers better informed on their decisions and give them the right advice and point them in the correct direction to solve any bag issues they may have without giving them bad advice.

Please follow us over the next 3 weeks whilst we trial and error and experience what others have been through in finding the right bag for us.

Please feel free to leave any comments.




  1. Fantastic idea ladies..I look forward to following the results.. Xxx

    • Hi Leslee,

      Thank you ever so much for taking the time to read the blog post. We will be running out the bag reviews with the Pros & Con’s over the next few weeks. If you follow the IBD & Ostomy support show page on Facebook we each have step by step guides on how to order samples through the medical suppliers.
      Hoping you find the next few weeks informative
      Many thanks
      Louise xxx

  2. Thank you girls this will mean so much to so many women’s lives Sheree xox

  3. Thank you girls this will mean so much to so many women’s lives Sheree xox

    • Thank you for your kind words and taking time to read the blog post. We will all have 3 reviews from different sides of different bags coming up over the next 3 weeks. Hoping this will help you and others.
      Many thanks
      Louise xx

  4. Hi Louise

    Any advice – my perianal skin tags are bothering me but so is the cream I was told to use so I now have a rash on my bum. I’m looking for decent cotton knickers that don’t ride up and make me ore sore and itchy than I already up.

    Waiting for my GI Nurse to get back to me in terms of rash but I think it’s cos of the cream and have mentioned that in email to my GI.



    • Hi Elaine,

      Oh lovely Im so sorry that your dealing with that. Sounds nuts but have you tried Sudo cream or calamine lotion to help with the rash? Or a sitz bath? http://www.healthline.com/health/sitz-bath. As for the knickers have you tried the ladies cotton french knickers or low riding ladies Brazilian knickers. You can get those from Sainsbury’s, Tesco or Asda’s. It was what I used when I was having issues with a sore bottom and bile salt malabsorption due to the burning and rash it left behind. I still wear these knickers as they don’t make my bottom chafe.

      Hoping these tips help you. You can have them removed as a cosmetic procedure if they are causing you that much soreness and pain lovely. Please ask you GP and consultant about having them removed.

      Take care
      Louise xx

      • Hi Louise

        Thank you. I could have had the skin tags removed in the beginning, however they are now inflamed and the surgeon when he looked at them said he won’t touch them anymore just now because they are inflamed and would leave bigger holes in my butt and more chance of infection and complications.

        Happy crohn’s issues (not) between vedolizumab not kicking in and perianal skin tags and stomach cramps I’m having a barrel of laughs. Just fed up now with it all between my bum and bowel and cramps I’m not getting much relief, never mind the fatigue. I’m shattered.

        Will try the knickers and Sudocrem though.



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