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So a little about me that’s not Crohns related.

I’m a mother to my lovely daughter Maisie who’s 7. I’m a daughter, granddaughter, sister, best friend and girlfriend to Benjamin.

I’m an optimistic person who keeps calm and just gets on with it. I’m also rather cynical and have the odd sarcastic wit.

I have a really bad obsession with Pyjamas (I have more than actual clothing). I enjoy reading, writing and being the go-to girl for problems and ear bending. I love a good trek across Ashdown forest and open area woodlands. I enjoy exercise. So Ive been walking 3-5 miles daily to keep on top of my health. I’ve also walked for CCUK on the 10th of June this year.

I’m sympathetic, caring and in general everyone’s go to girl for people diagnosed with IBD within my friend group or for people to ring up and chew my ear off. I’m practical and will always try to offer a solution or good solid advice.

I like a good bottle of vodka (yes the entire bottle) , I also like a good party, however, a high output stoma has limited this and my liver is grateful.

So the general consensus for those that know me is I’m a straight talking strong willed pain in the butt that with everything I’ve been through, near death, operations and general shenanigans, I can still smile and laugh about it. I’m friendly, sympathetic, empathetic and genuinely care deeply for people.

I’m also the host of The IBD & Ostomy Support Show which is run every Thursday at 8 PM GMT

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